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Think Abroad is a leading global education provider that delivers an extensive range of medical abroad services to over 500 students through more than 9 institutions in 3 countries.

About the company

Think Abroad a pioneer in the field of international student preparation for studying medicine in top ranking English-speaking universities across Europe. Think Abroad University Partnerships’ innovative student study abroad model emerged from a collaboration in 2014. THINK ABROAD ambitious plans for internationalization depended on first developing a globally diverse student body, but we recognized that a significant increase in international students was beyond the university’s ability to accomplish alone. By the same token, we were unwilling to outsource such a critical university goal, so deeply rooted in academic programs, to a commercial entity over which the university had no direct control.

Ultimately, THINK ABROAD set about designing a partnership in which the university could access agencies across the globe, especially in “Republic of India” for recruiting the students.while retaining critical control over the university’s brand and its academic programs.

The result was the world’s first of its kind public-private partnership in higher education evolving the new model of shared mission, shared responsibility, shared risk and shared reward.

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