Study MBBS in Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus

Founded in 1934, Vitebsk State Medical University is a Government higher education institution.


About Vitebsk State Medical University

Vitebsk developed from a river harbor where the Vitba River flows into the larger Western Dvina, which is spanned in the city by the Kirov Bridge. By the end of the 12th century, Vitebsk became a center of trade and commerce. It is the country’s fourth-largest city and is served by Vitebsk Vostochny Airport and Vitebsk airbus.

Vitebsk State Medical University was founded in 1934. The Institute has been awarded the Order of People’s Friendship for its great services in educating the staff for the public health care system of the countries of Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. The Institute was the first medical educational establishment that was accredited to receive the status of a higher educational institution of the university type in 1998.

In 1981, it was the first in Belarus educational establishment that received the right of training medical staff for foreign countries. More than 1500 doctors and pharmacists have been working successfully in 110 countries of the world.

Vitebsk State Medical University Specialization

Duration 6 years
Government University
Established in 1934
Medium of instruction is English
World Class Hostel Facility for Boys and Girls
Student Faculty ratio is 12:1
It ranks 264 according to World Pro Rank (GWC)


Number of Department is 58
Number of bed in the hospital is 4200
37 Professors, 134 Senior Lecturers, 342 teachers of distinctive degree.
Students’ body is 3300
Close Cooperation with 15 countries
International students is 500+
Research Laboratory and theoretical building area is 14000 sq.m.
Number of Research groups involved are 7
Visa assurance is 100%

Academic Entry Requirements

  • 60% Marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in 12th STD
  • 17 Years and above at the time of enrollment
  • NEET, IELTS, NMAT(Philippines Entrance exam) NOT REQUIRED

High school certificate or diploma (with examination results or transcript) or Secondary professional (or vocational) education diploma (with transcripts) + legalization and a notarized translation into Russian. No objection certificate from MCI.
*If the previous credentials were obtained in Russia, the candidate should submit one of the following documents: Certificate of secondary (complete) general education (with final grade list and examination results) or Secondary professional education diploma (with supplement).

Passport copy with registration and visa

Additionally, upon arrival, all applicants should submit:

Proof of medical insurance policy with a Belarusian insurance company
Medical Certificate
* Visa Interview Mandatory

Student Life

Tuition fees Affordability






Life on Campus


Sports & Recreation






Foreign Students Pass %


Why Study at Vitebsk State Medical University

Studying at VSMU is about so much more than earning a degree. It’s an opportunity to develop friendships and networks, to explore new cultural horizons and continue your learning journey.

First Belarusian University

VSMU is the first university in Belarus to receive the right of training medical staff for foreign countries. Within 25 years of the overseas students training faculty existence 1500 doctors and pharmacist have been prepared and now they are working successfully in 110 countries of the world.

History and reputation

Vitebsk State Medical Institute was established as a hospital-medical institute on November 1, 1934, by Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the BSSR. The total number of students on all courses was 250.

In 1959 Pharmaceutical Faculty was created, along with the current General Medicine Faculty.

In 1998 the Institute has successfully passed the certification and accreditation of the status of the higher educational establishment of a university type and was transformed into Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University.

  • Innovative learning process
  • International ranking university
  • Cooperation with International Universities
  • International exchange programs
  • Membership in International associations and Organizations
  • Perfect facilities for study and fun
  • Research oriented Faculties
  • Athletic and Students Club
  • Dedicated support

Student Comments

University Location


VSMU 1st Year ( USD) 2nd to 6th Year ( USD) Total expenses 6 years (USD) Total Expenses INR @ 1USD = 65 INR
Fee 4600 23000 27600 1766400
Insurance 185 (approx) 925(approx) 1110(approx) 71040(approx)
Hostel 900 4500 5400 345600
Visa Extension 100(approx) 500(approx) 600(approx) 38400(approx)
Total 5785 28925 34710 2221440